1981 Rickenbacker 4080 4080/6 Double Neck 4 string bass 6 guitar Jetglo Black OHSC 4001 480

$ 22500.00

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OK, so what we have here is probably the Holy Grail of Rickenbacker double necks, in Jetglo black!

1981 Rickenbacker 4080/6: 4 string bass / 6 string guitar.

This particular instrument was in the original owners possession until just recently.

Other than the (bass) bridge pick up cover, which has been removed and lost like on 90% of all Rickenbacker basses, this example is completely original with the original case, which even has its original case key and allen wrenches still in a little ziploc bag.

Everything functions and works; the only issue it has are the three-way switch is a little bit funky and probably needs cleaning or a dose of electrical cleaner and also the high E string on the guitar buzzes a bit at the first fret.

Anyone who knows these instruments knows they are very seldom seen, with black apparently being likely the most desirable color.

The bass exhibits typical wear and tear for 43 years of use including average oxidation on some of its chrome parts. Truss rods function properly and the bass was looked over by one of Vancouvers top Luthiers not long ago.

I know that there’s some debate about this online, but the necks on these double neck Rickenbackers are actually glued in from the factory, but because the necks do not extend all the way through the bodies, Rickenbacker decided to also install neck plates with screws as a means of reinforcement to complement the factory gluing process. There is some paint chipping around the bass neck where it joins the body, but the neck is 100% solid and has not moved. 

The original case is in decent shape, although this instrument and case combined are quite heavy, so I tend not to want to carry it by the handle simply because it weighs a ton. The handle doesn’t show any signs of weakness or damage.

The instrument by itself weighs 14.4 lbs on a digital scale.

This is an extremely rare opportunity for anyone who is looking for an original 4080 or who happens to be a big Geddy Lee / Rush fan.

Shipping within the USA will be $350 USD with insurance as much as the carrier will offer. Likely to travel via FEDEX.

I have about another 10 or more photos available to send.

Please feel free to acquire additional photos prior to purchase.

This will be a very large shipment with extra bubble wrap.

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