1940s Rickenbacker “Electro”

$ 1749.00

Doubleneck double 8 EX-. These are a really great underrated lap steel. Stamped metal bodies with a full cover plate on back of the body and cast bakelite necks. The dense bakelite is great for sustain. Bakelite, once moulded and hardened is very heat-resistant and does not conduct electricity, hence its wide use in early radios. Old bakelite products can be fairly big collectibles. The aforementioned sustain of bakelite made Rickenbacker steel guitars famous and still today the number-one most sought-after steels (yes, Fenders are more common, benefiting a bigger factory and easier-to-make wooden bodies but a Ricky is a Ricky. Look up “Panda” Rickenbackers. This one has fresh strings, cleaned pots, tuned to E13th on the top and C6th on the bottom. It’s not perfect, with a few missing screws, but it works great. With original luggage linen (tweed) hard case.