Peavey Wolfgang Standard Deluxe 1999 – Ginger Burst

$ 2200.07

I am offering for sale a rarity among the Wolfgangs.

Peavey Wolfgang Deluxe USA EVH with a set of papers, original Peavey case, in the rarest version, i.e. with a fixed bridge. The guitar is from 1999. After EVH’s death, the value of these guitars increased twice and is still going up, so it is a mega collector’s item and a good investment for the future. The guitar is completely original – frets, bridge, tailpiece, tuners, pickups, etc The guitar has a classic Gibson Burst color, as well as a beautiful rippled maple top (IT IS NOT ANY VENEER). The neck is 1 piece of beautiful birds eye maple. Considering it is over 20 years old, I rate it as very good/good – it has some scratches and one visible dent, but nothing serious. Technical condition – perfect. Perfect frets after polishing – Plek, tunes and plays perfectly in any position. Specially designed, factory-designed partial “recessing” of the bridge and tailpiece into the body of the guitar increases its sound and sustain. These Wolfgang designs, out of production for years, in terms of sustain and sound, especially the position at the neck, resemble the sound of a Gibson Les Paul, except that the guitar is more selective and faster.Pe