Peavey Wolfgang Special-Why can’t this be love? Early PAF-1999 – Black

$ 1595.00

If you find yourself here and are just looking around, I get it. I guess if I were in the market for a new axe, I could find myself in seedier locations. This guitar you see may not appeal to the first-generation Van Halen fan. Yea, I know—those magical years with Dave can’t even be described with words, let alone matched.

This Wolfgang may appeal to those who were into “Van Hagar.” I remember riding down the road back in ’85, and “Why Can’t This Be Love?” came into my here and now, courtesy of my Clarion tape deck. “Unbelievable,” I thought.” What was unreal was that this didn’t even sound like Van Halen; this incarnation sounded completely
different, I digress.

Now back to this guitar. The Wolfgang pickups and Drop-D tuner are the story of these guitars. As for the pickups? They are somewhat mid-rangy, but once you roll the volume back to 8, you’re in total control and the trem on this machine is nothing but coolness. I know- your jammin’ and all of a sudden, that lead singer boards the “way back machine” and wants to jam on Ratt? “Lack of Communication” will never be easier to drop down to “D” than with this handy little device.

This basswood body Wolfe weighs in at 7 lbs, 12 oz. and sounds like “lemme get on, lemme get on, lemme get on some of that.” Yep, that’s the tone and in addition, this ones an early Patient Applied For. Always giving you more. 

The condition? This guitar is the bottom of the net, meaning, better than 90 % you’ll see. As always, this guitar has had the “Adric the Great” setup with fresh strings, and as you can see, it still has the original case.

If you need me, I’ll be watching “Live Without a Net.” Why not? I got love for Sammy as well, but that version is not that ” Dirty Face Kid in a  Garage Can,” I really enjoy. None the less, pass me a beer and light ’em up…