Peavey T-15 Mississippi Mustang with Original Amp-in-Case 1981 Sunburst

$ 850.00

Here ya go… A Mississippi Mustang!

A 1981 Peavey T-15 to be exact. Pretty cool, with the original Peavey “Electric Case” amp built right in to the hard plastic case. All original except the the tuning machines have been replaced with Kluson Deluxe inlines… oh and the gnobs, I mean the knobs. Check out the two single coil Super Ferrite pickups… Not bad. Great condition!

The T-15 was marketed as a beginner’s guitar, or a professional guitar for “players with smaller hands.” It’s become known over the years as the “Mississippi Mustang”—a reference, obviously, to Fender’s much more famous short scale classic—the Mustang. The wicked cool Fender Mustang has a 24” scale and a fast, comfortable neck that  makes single note runs easy to speed up, but it also offers a comfortable reach for more complex chords than many longer scale guitars allow.  It also makes bending easier up and down the neck.

If you’re a player who digs playing the Mustang’s 24” scale, you might well fall in love with the T-15’s 23.5” scale. 

While most of the T-15’s came with Peavey’s custom fit plastic cases, some, not very many, but a few came with a 10 watt solid state amplifier built-in inside of the case—like the classic Silvertone Amp-in-Case of the 1960’s made by Danoelectro. Sweet! Works as it should!

This guitar in wicked nice condition and everything works as it should. Gorgeous sunburst finish!

Check out the pics because they don’t lie… like always! The condition is, well, check out the pics!

Shipping quoted is to you in the CONUS, as always… includes the very rare Peavey “Electric Case”. case.

Hey make me an offer… I just might take it. Ya never know!