Peavey Reactor Hot-Rodded – Black

$ 629.00

Great Condition, Vintage Peavey Reactor, with MANY Upgrades! Dimarzio Tone Zone Bridge, and Tru-Velvet neck. Upgraded Pots (all Bournes? cant remember), with a Bournes push-pull, to split the bridge. Wilkinson EZloc Tuners. Strap Locks, with new Planet Waves Leather strap. Upgraded Switch (switchcraft?) WallaWalla Guitars Shotgun knob set. Custom Copper Paisley pickguard. Brand new DR DragonSkins (9-42) Gold plated screws, even!

I am selling for a friend, and Believe me, If I could afford it, I would buy this Guitar for myself, in a HeartBeat!! I helped him order all of the upgrade parts for it, a year or so ago… And I know he Dumped ALOT of money into it. The pickguard was Not an Exact fit,.. as it was prob for a Standard Tele,.. But he did shave it down where it hung over the edge, and it looks great, now. I Do Not think, however, he has it wired perfectly….? It might be out of phase? to my ears, its a little thin, or “Tinny?” And, the Volume pot acts strangely. Pretty much No change from 2-10. At 1 it turns off completely,.. but at 0 the sound comes back a little!??? IDK WTF He did,.. but it Aint right! Maybe just a bad ground? like didnt fold the tab up, and ground it to the Pot, itself??? Not Sure, but All Parts are New,.. and im sure its an easy fix.

Feel Free to ask questions,.. I should be able to answer most…

Thanks for looking…As per usual,..All ITEMS ( Instruments) considered vintage or used. Most likely have been around cigarette or cigarpipe smoke, incense, cats, dogs, peanuts, handguns, or other common triggers..ect..   can be picked up,played,or admired in Person at Yesteryore Devices. 711 SE Jackson Roseburg, Oregon. Sorry about the Shipping. Guitars,Basses and Acoustics are just Ridiculous to try and ship. Dont shoot the messenger.