Peavey RAPTOR CUSTOM Electric Guitar (Silverburst) (USED)

$ 215.06

** COMES WITH ORIGINAL BOX AND ACCESSORIES. IT’S A LITTLE BIT SCRATCHED AND DOESN’T COME WITH THE METAL PLATE FOR THE HEAD ** The Raptor Custom combines classic looks with spot-on tone! The Patent Pending Powerplate is a new innovation from Peavey that increases sustain while virtually eliminating dead spots on the fretboard. The wider pole pieces on the pickups produce a more focused guitar tone while the vintage style steel bridge increases the amount of string energy transmitted into the body. The patent pending Peavey Powerplate is a new innovation for stringed instruments. The Powerplate is a metal plate that is embedded into the back of the headstock which increases sustain and volume. The Powerplate is mounted using the machine heads and increases the amount of string vibration energy that is projected by the instrument. Specifications Exclusive Powerplate increases sustain 22 2.3mm frets Hard maple neck Three Peavey USA design single coil pickups with 6mm large pole pieces One volume and One tone control 25.5 scale Painted headstock Dual adjustable truss rod Basswood body Steel bridge Rosewood fingerboard Black pickguard Weight Unpacked: 10.14 lb(4.6 kg) Weight Packed: 11.38 lb(5.16 kg) Width Packed: 17″(43.18 cm) Height Packed: 40.5″(102.87 cm) Depth Packed: 3″(7.62 cm)