Peavey Nitro I with Single Humbucker and Kahler Vibrato 1986 – 1989 – Blue

$ 425.00

circa 1987 Peavey Nitro 1. Built to rip! Fast, thick neck with plenty of fret life. The last owner had a pickup selector switch and single coil neck pickup very crudely routed out and installed, so I did my best to restore it to it’s original glory. I filled the routes with some white oak and glue. You can still kind of see where the offending pickup and switch were. I painted the body, although not completely. I didn’t get to the back, so it’s a two tone back there. All original parts except the backplate in cluding Kahler tremolo and Shaeler super hot humbucker. Hate to see it go, but my job was shipped over to India like a whole lot of other fellow Americans and I got to pay some bills.