Peavey HP USA -Custom Shop, Signature Select -Blue

$ 2999.99

-This was a custom shop order, 1 of a kind color.

-beautiful inlays and neck

Good conditon, works perfect.

Does have a knick in the body and normal wear from use.

RARE one of a kind one off custom.

Made in the same guitar shop as Eddie Van Halens Peavey guitars.

-doesn’t get much better than this, quality is phenomenal. ​

Everything works as it should.

I believe the pickups are original peavey custom shop pickups.

-Hand carved top by Peavey Custom shop.

Get this rare piece of history while you can. You’ll never see another one exactally like it.

-Comes in Aftermarket case light hardcase.

-Unware of serial #. RARE

-Made in USA