Peavey HP-2 2021 NOS -Improvements

$ 1899.00

READ CAREFULLY- For sale is my 2021 PeaveyHP-2 (NOS version) with improvements. The guitar body is in excellent condition and the neck and frets are flawless.  The hard rock Birdseye neck is stunning.  A few modification/ improvements have been made to this guitar as follows.

-The Peavey licensed Floyd was replaced with a genuine German Floyd Rose.
-The sustain block was replaced with a Floyd Rose Brass Big Block
-Trem blocker
-EVH D-tuna
-The import pickups were replaced with a new Seymour Duncan TB-11 Custom Custom (brown sound for days) in the bridge and a new Dimarzio PAF Joe in the neck (I don’t have the originals but I am also including a classic Seymour Duncan JB, Jazz set for additional options, but the new pups kill in this thing).
-The import electronics were removed and replaced as follows;
   -EVH low friction pots
   -Sprague orange drop capacitor.

I consider all of these huge improvements and the guitar is absolutely killer now, but it is important to point out that the coil tap function was not retained because I have no use for that.  There is more money in this guitar than a stock NOS but I realize it is not stock, so I am heavily discounting it.  I would now put this guitar up against a USA Fender Wolfgang any day and these have jumbo frets instead of the little vintage frets on Wolfgang.  Why pay over $4k for a Wolfey when you can have this for under $2K.  Peavey hard shell case included.  Free shipping to the lower 48.  Don’t miss it, make an offer.