Custom Built Peavey Wolfgang Special

$ 3850.00

Here is a very rare opportunity to own a custom built Peavey Wolfgang Special! The body and neck as well as all of the parts were from the Peavey factory sale back in 2109. The birdseye neck is a first year standard neck, meaning it is tilted back, which was the same that they used on the carved top Wolfgang’s. The body is a basswood Special body with ivory binding. The flat top Special bodies were not offered with binding, making this very very rare. all hardware is black with ivory accents making this a very stunning guitar! It was assembled and set up by master luthier Jim Decola, who was the man responsible for designing the Peavey Wolfgang guitar for Eddie Van Halen! The setup is incredible and the frets are like glass! Comes with Peavey OHSC, case keys, tremolo arm and fret protector.