1982 Peavey T-60 Burgundy with Maple Fretboard

$ 900.00

I’v had this guitar for a few years. When I got it it didn’t have the original pickups. Eventually, I was dissatisfied by the lack of tonal versatility that these guitar are famous for.

I installed the correct pickups and brought the wiring back to near original specs. – whoever replaced the pickups also installed incorrect tone controls. Now it has linear taper pots for the tone controls, and the pickup tone variation is as it should be.

Now this guitar sound amazing!

As can be seen in the pictures this guitar has wear; buckle rash on the back, and a small dent in the neck. The fret wear is pretty minimal.

There is a crack in the end of the fret board, probably from someone adjusting the neck tilt without loosening the bolts first. It is cosmetic and does not affect the playability.

It comes with the original case, and will be well packed for shipment.