Yamaha SF 700 Super Fighter 1977 – Persimmon Red

$ 1413.77

One of Yamaha’s vintage guitars, made in Japan in 1977. The SF series is the predecessor of the current Revstar (it features the inlays of current models), a classic mahogany model with a set-neck neck with double humbucker and double asymmetrical cutaway.

They are quite cult and sought after among fans of the brand, specifically this is the “cleanest” SF in terms of general condition that I have ever seen, it would be close to a 9/10. Even so, luthier Juan Brieva did a “complete” revision of the electronics, nut, re-fretted it in 2021 and installed new Gibson Deluxe tuners. Therefore, it is not only in magazine condition, it is ready to go on stage right now… What I have invested in this guitar is indecent, well below the price at which I put it.

It is much lighter than an SG2000, although it is still a mahogany piece, so it weighs around 3.9 kg. A curious fact, it has 24 frets, very designed for Rock, and the bends are performed smoothly and effortlessly throughout the neck.

It comes with a Yamaha soft padded case (from a Revstar).