Yamaha RGX-TT Ty Tabor early – mid 2000 – Translucent Green

$ 880.00

If you are looking this guitar, Most likely I don’t have to explain too much about it. This is King’s X Ty Tabor signature guitar model. Not sure exact manifuctured date. My guess is somewhere between early – mid 2000. I am 2nd owner of this guitar. When I bought this, it was already player conditions which means there are natural worn & tear where hand & finger touches. There are dents, paint scratch, rust on some screws & parts. Still, I like to call it clean condition. There is different color bridge saddle on low E string. Frets are fair condition and no buzz. I set it up pretty low. I normally don’t use tremolo because of Drop D tuning. Sorry, No Hard or soft case. I will make sure pack it well when I ship this. I really hate to let this guitar but I need to down scale my guitar & pedal collections…… to help my house repair ! Hope this guitar will reach to another King’s X or Ty Tabor fan.

I am happy to answer any question regarding this guitar.