Warmoth, etc. Baritone Telecaster – Baritele Custom 2021 Night Sky

$ 895.00

This custom build is made from a basswood telecaster body, outfitted with a Warmoth 27″ baritone Tele neck and vintage Kluson tuners.  The pickups are hand wound and out of phase, which offers some unique tonal possibilities.  The three position selector switch functions like a regular telecaster, but the pickups are out of phase, so the sound it completely unique to this axe. The body is custom finished in a midnight sky sparkle that looks just like a clear, starry sky.  The pickguard is a brushed aluminum, which accents the sparkle sky motif further.  It even has a patch of concentrated sparkle that closely resembles the Milky Way in our own night sky. Get this terrific guitar and be the only one that has one.  It comes in a padded gig bag.

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