Vintage V100MR Icon, Worn Finish, Distressed Lemon Drop, Second-Hand

$ 392.12

Vintage V100MR Icon, Worn Finish, Distressed Lemon Drop, Second-Hand

Good condition. Please see the pictures. Our expert luthier has extensively cleaned the body & neck, and given it a complete setup.

Vintage V100MR Icon, Worn Finish, Distressed Lemon Drop

With a Maple cap and Mahogany body providing excellent resonance, tone and ‘correct weight’ comfort, and two Wilkinson WVC Double Coil pickups providing classic raw tone and power, the V100MR “Lemon Drop” is a traditionally styled and highly playable tone machine, with some unusual additional features.

In the late 1960s, a reverse-fitted neck humbucker with out-of-phase centre position wiring created a certain “black-magic” guitar tone – one of the most recognisable ever produced. This has been replicated to produce a guitar with a real “ohhhh-well” vibe. Differential bell type control knobs and Wilkinson WJ01 tuners all add to the mojo, while Wilkinson’s excellently crafted Tune-O-Matic bridge, and a 43mm Graphite nut enables fine-tuning, superb intonation, and excellent tuning stability. A one piece Mahogany neck with a classic Vintage ‘soft C’ profile, supplies supreme comfort, speed, and accuracy beneath a 12” radius Lignum Rosa™ fretboard; outstanding tonal transfer capabilities, responsiveness and durability with 22 Medium Jumbo frets creates a fantastically positive feel to this very stylish, great sounding, and affordable guitar.

A Vintage ICON electric already looks like your lifetime companion; the best part is, your journey is just beginning… Then play on.

What Vintage say:

The ‘Lemon Drop’ is a one-of-a-kind classic. A reverse fitted neck pickup combines with out-of-phase centre position wiring to produce a throaty, singing and instantly-identifiable lead tone, ideal for slow blues. Mismatched tone and volume knobs and an iconised finish ensure the Lemon Drop keeps the mojo working.

Good things come to those who wait – but who has the time for that? The Vintage ICON Series replicates the beautiful, worn-in look and feel of an instrument that has paid its dues, without investing the lifetime’s worth of woodshedding, rehearsing, performing and travel.