USED 2007 Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded (369)

$ 1099.99

Physical Condition
This guitar is in good condition, but has been played and does show some wear. These guitars have an extremely thin finish which is easily susceptible to wear, and that proves to be the case on this Les Paul. There are numerous bumps and dings over the entire body, and there are a few light bumps over the top and the back of the neck. The satin finish elsewhere has also started to gloss up slightly in higher traffic areas, and there is some finish thinning around the edges here and there. The pickguard is also more than likely non-original and is trimmed out around the neck pickup a bit. The original bridge, tailpiece, and tuning keys are not original. There are also some light scratches on the pickguard and some light rust and tarnishing on the hardware. Otherwise, this guitar only has some typical wear from typical playing and handling. Great sounding and playing guitar.

This guitar has some light wear on the first few frets, but plays great. It seems as if there’s a tiny bit of glue residue on the fingerboard near the D string slot. The frets and fingerboard could use a quick cleanup during the next restring.

Action is medium low and plays great, but could possibly use a quick tweak to your liking.

This guitar has had practically all of the electronics changed. The pots have all been changed to Bourns pots, the switch and jack are not original, and the pickups are also not original; the neck pickup is an unknown Epiphone pickup, and the bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates. The covers are heavily tarnished. All electronics work properly and sound great.

No case or gig bag included.

7lbs 10.7oz