USED ⌁ Gibson Grace Potter Signature Flying V 2013 Nocturnal Brown

$ 3200.00

One of Gibson USA’s Grace Potter Signature Flying V’s.
Includes all case candy and original specs. Only after-market modification is installation of Schaller-style strap locks in chrome (because the factory buttons were the WORST). The model color “Nocturnal Brown” translates to a nitrocellulose gloss clear finish over hella rad oxblood, and dang she looks good on stage. Or anywhere. Everywhere?

Restored from and post maintenance of a humidification / punk rock fiasco. The previous and first/only owner did some serious cosmetic damage to the back edges at the tips of both wings, as well as significant buckle rash on back of the body. There is a very small chip in the headstock edge on the GBE Tuning Machines’ side. There is damage to the outside of the case where dude tried to remove the Gibson logo and “tagged” his name instead. We have no idea why he thought this was necessary/a good idea, but here we are. We are happy to send additional photo specifics if needed, but know that the damages listed are 100% cosmetic — guaranteed.
This baby has completely sound functionality components, and set up to riff. And absolutely riff she does. It’s just time to wean down the Flying V collection and Brandon says pointy guitars are stupid anyway (he’s wrong).

Comes with OHSC, Gibson Factory DOA and case candy. Evel Knievel not included.