Tokai Late70s modify Stratocaster 1977-1979 – Sunburst

$ 1365.98

A highly finished guitar that imitated the Late 70 made by TOKAI in the final years of the 1970s.

The body is made of two-piece alder. Its grain is excellent and looks great.

The neck is often coated with a dirty, soft epoxy resin; early 60s FENDERs do not have a good feel. They are not comfortable to play. As you can see from the photo, the guitar has had all the layers of the neck stripped off and a thin layer of special European paint applied. However, this process is time-consuming: the feel is smooth, like Fender necks up to the mid-1960s. It’s a feel that satisfies the player. We call it the ‘baby skin neck’. Guitarists are 100% in favour of it.

The fingerboard has been shaped, the radius set at about 8″ and Jesker 550990 frets fitted. (The original frets are not easy to play.) The nut is made of cow bone.

The electrical system is a hand-wired vintage type. Japanese builder, resistance is about 6K ohms.

The sound is very dead, tight and attractive.

The PU selector is a 5-position CRL and the condenser is an orange drop.

Weight is 3.6 kg. sound of this guitar can be heard on youtube

The hard case is used for photographic purposes. It will be safely shipped in a soft case. We will also provide insurance. Please rest assured.

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