Suhr J Select Modern Plus – Faded Trans Green Burst

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A combination of the classic flame maple top and basswood back body, which is a favorite of John Suhr and is also used in the Core line. The neck material is roasted maple, which has strong resistance to changes in temperature and humidity and a unique sound.

The light sound unique to roasted maple is combined with the characteristic smoothness and midrange of basswood to create a perfect tone balance.

The pickups are SSH Plus in the rear position, SSV in the front position, and V60LP in the middle position. Coil tap control of both humbuckers with push/pull switches further expands the sound variation.

This model has been used very little and is in good playing condition.


Body material: Basswood, 2-Piece

Body top material: Flame Maple, 2-Piece, 3/16″

Neck material: Roasted Maple

Fingerboard material: Roasted Maple

Neck shape: Modern Eliptical .800″-.850″

Fingerboard R: 10″-14″ Standard Roll


Neck: Straight

Truss rod: Room to maneuver

Fret remaining: 90%

String height: 6th string side 1.75mm 1st string side 1.75mm (above 12F)

Weight: 3.420 kg

Electrical system: No problems

Condition: Few scratches or stains, in good playing condition

Strap pins have been replaced.


6 months

※Valid only in Japan