strandberg Boden Prog NX 7 Electric Guitar Regular Twilight Purple

$ 1996.00

This item was returned in great condition. It looks and plays like new, with only minor signs of use (slight scuffs, etc.).
Very similar to the groundbreaking Boden Original, the .strandberg* Prog NX 7 electric guitar is essentially a tremolo version with a Richlite fretboard for a slicker feel and a slightly more cutting tone. Exceptionally light in weight and scientifically engineered for comfort and to reduce arm tension, the Prog NX features a chambered swamp ash body with a solid maple top, maple neck and Richlite fretboard for great acoustic resonance with more bite in the highs. The EGS Pro Rev7 tremolo system plays a major part in the Boden’s unique acoustic sonic character as well as providing an extremely smooth and responsive tremolo. The Rev 7 hardware bridge piece features a self-locking mechanism for the saddles for improved robustness and tone transfer as well as quick and easy string action adjustments. Implementing a traditional fulcrum tremolo design with the rout for the tremolo springs, the Prog NX 6 exhibits a more “open” sonic character than the fixed bridge Original. Electronics-wise, the 7-string Prog NX is equipped with the innovative Fishman active pickups (the Fluence Modern ceramic in the bridge and the alnico in the neck) to deliver the natural acoustic characteristics of the guitar faithfully to your favorite amplification systems, while also offering the sonic flexibility to suit virtually all musical genres and playing styles.