Squier Classic Vibe ’50s Telecaster 2015 – Butterscotch, Tweed Fender Gig Bag

$ 300.00

This 2015 Squier Classic Vibe ’50s Telecaster in Butterscotch is in excellent condition. It has stock pickups, a straight neck, virtually zero fret wear, and a highly flamed maple neck. There are no paint chips, dents, scratches or any other damage. I am the second owner, and it has been played in my non-smoking home studio exclusively, no gigs.

The control plate, bridge assembly, neck pickup cover and neck plate show signs of aging.

There are a few improvement modifications made: Volume and tone pots are CTS, with the volume pot being a “vintage taper” 250k pot from The Art of Tone. The tone capacitor is a .022uf polyester film cap. The control plate is rotated so the volume (1st) and tone (2nd) pots are more easily accessible for quick adjustments, and the pickup switch will operate normally position-wise (down=bridge pup, up=neck pup). Also, conductive copper shielding has been added to the underside of the pickguard. It is connected to ground by a copper strip under the control plate (see pic).

The neck has minimal relief (very straight) and the string height at the 17th fret is 1/16 inch for all strings. There is no string buzz up and down the neck. The frets are highly polished and smooth like glass. It plays like butter.

This Tele is very resonant and has great tone. I loved playing it and will miss it, but I have too many axes and it’s time to thin the herd. Someone else needs to have this and give it the time and love it deserves.

I put a fresh set of 9-42 Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings on this evening.

A Fender tweed padded gig bag is included.

**Upon sale, I will send a screenshot of the shipping cost. If the cost is less than paid, I will immediately refund the difference to you, the buyer**