Squier Avril Lavigne Telecaster Skull & Crossbones 2012

$ 392.64


Avril Lavigne model has arrived. Another Avril Lavigne model usually has a Telecaster with a checkered pattern pickguard, but this model is completely black and has a gothic atmosphere, making it a very cool one.
The rear pickup is one shot, but the selector can change the sound atmosphere, so
Regardless of its appearance, it has a wide range of sound creation.

【Main Specifications】
Body: Basswood
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood

Neck: straight
Truss rod: There is room
Fret remaining: 70%
String height: 6th string side 1.75mm 1st string side 1.75mm (on 12F)
Weight: 3.455kg
Electrical system: no problem
Condition: There are many scratches and dirt, but the playing condition is good.

6 months
*Warranty valid only in Japan