Sephiroth 7 string volcano strandberg GB Liuteria

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Guitar model Sephiroth 7 string fanned


Chestnut body, top in figured poplar root and lava effect resin, matte top finish. The entire back with open pore matt charcoal finish. To keep the weight low the instrument is lightened with non-resonant chambers. On the body, thanks to careful selection, there is a crater in the wood that simulates an active volcano with lava, illuminated by a LED inside the body and activated via switch.


7-string handle with low asymmetric profile designed for the Sephiroth models, 5-layer laminate in flamed poplar, mahogany, amaranth. The neck contains 1 double action truss rod with access for adjustment in the neck pickup compartment. Junction area with the body made with an ultraprofile system where the neck continues with its profile up to the body.

Neck with Teflon treatment for maximum smoothness. Zero fret nut by GB Liuteria. Fingerboard: Laminated fingerboard in marbled poplar and black walnut with engraved lines and circles radius 20 inches, fluorescent resin fret marker, 2.9mm steel keys, multiscale 24.75 / 29.25 inches, 24 frets.


Laminated headless headstock with stained poplar briar top, GB Liuteria logo carved into the back of the headstock T4M chrome headless tuners.


High quality CTS potentiometers, circuit made with OFC copper and silver cables with Teflon sheath and silicones resistant to high temperatures, where required, shielded cable always ofc copper and silver, circuit made with star ground without shielded compartment (to avoid ducted sound and the appearance of ground rings) 5-position selector Hiperswich seymour duncan. Paper and oil condensers. Knobs made in GB Liuteria in matt black walnut with glossy green resin insert

Bridge: with independent saddles and chrome-coloured T4M tuner

Pick-up: Pick-up with poplar root cover and signature, made by GB Liuteria, hand-wound alnico 5 magnets, very powerful rock metal sound

d’addario strings set of 09