Schecter Banshee Mach-6 Evertune 2020 – Present – Ember Burst

$ 2092.38

This is the Evertune model, that’s why the price is more expensive compared with the classic Banshee model. You don’t have to worry about staying in tune with this guitar, it’s absolutely amazing. I really invite you to check it on youtube if you don’t know the Evertune system.

I play this guitar with a drop D and I can say I’m always in tune, even with a light gauge (9-46).

The guitar is in good condition. There are some marks of use on the back of it but it’s small. I can send you more zoomed pics if needed.

WARNING : The flycase on the pictures is not available anymore.

It will be send in a guitar bag with an insurance. I will pack it carefully.

Thank you!