“Road Worn” 60s Stratocaster (Warmoth, Kloppmann, Booster)

$ 1225.36

I am selling a custom build Stratocaster that was modelled after the 60s spec. I bought it from my luthier years ago, I don’t have much more history other than it’s at least 10 years old. I don’t know who the manufacturer of the body is, but I assume that I’d Warmoth, as that is also the manufacturer of the neck. Warmoth is know for their quality parks and work. Here are the specs.

– Warmoth soft-V neck 7.25″ radius
    (1st fret depth: 22,50 mm, 12th fret: 24,88 mm)
    (1st fret width: 42,62 mm, 12th fret: 51,33 mm)
– Kloppmann ST-60 pickups
– Built-in booster (we adjust by the middle knob)
– Callaham Vintage Strat Tremolo Bridge
– Quality Fender gig bag (like new)

The guitar has been professionally “aged” so “road worn” would best describe it. This is not an an “official” Fender, but the quality more than keeps up. Neck is straight and the string action is great. Weight about 3.5kg.