REAL Tokai TST56 black … 80s Japan and complete.

$ 700.00

The older and all-original Tokais from Japan (with whammy bar) are getting very hard to locate nowadays. But sit down for this one…  This is not just another Strat …  This is the bomb! 

Look what I found about the 1980s era Tokais like this : ” The only thing better than a Fender! Before being contracted to build guitars for Fender they made the best clones out there. This “56” has the signature V-shaped neck, single ply pickguard, staggered pole pickups, stamped steel saddle bridge, and other features that make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time  “

Owned by Richmond’s top setup/repair/customizer guitar guy. So this Tokai has been owned, well-used, and taken care of by a top-notch pro guitar guy in Richmond, VA. I’m in CA right now and moving to Texas soon. I’m trying to thin my closet little bit otherwise I would definitely keep this one.

1-piece maple neck (not a separate fretboard), a Tokai TST56 from the ‘vintage series’ as the headstock shows. Square cut pickguard and trem cover edges in white. My pal is Richmond’s top setup and repair and customizer guitar guy and he looked inside to see if all the internals are original. They are.  Tremolo bar with it. 

The neck plate has 4 digits of ‘2703’ and it weighs just under 8 lbs US. I expect this was a Japan-made one from the 1980s. 

This is NOT a slick and ‘like new’ guitar. This is a piece of high-quality Tokai Strat from the past with Kluson Deluxe ‘Saf T Post’ tuners with that older gearing ratio and, like Fenders, no tone control for the bridge pickup.
Comes with a securely packed guitar box with UPS.
Don’t forget to check the video for tones!