Rare Teisco TRH-1 lap slide, steel guitar with case-Sounds amazing!

$ 289.00

Rare vintage Teisco lap steel that sounds terrific through an amp and has wonderful patina. Comes with a vintage hard case, key and a pick.

It has single pick up with volume and tone controls. Overall in good shape with some dings and minor chips here and there. Biggest one near the teisco logo. Could use strings but sounds good as is. I tried the built in amp by installing 2 good batteries, sprayed the on/off switch but couldnt get any sound from the built in amp. I didn’t look into it. Selling it as is with non working amp for now. When I get time I will fix it and relist.

See the many pics. Ask any questions you may have and I will try to answer. Mail me if you want more pics of a certain area.
More pics on my instagram and facebook- see vintageaudionagoya

Buyer is responsible for any customs fees and local taxes that may be incurred. See shop polices for details. I carefully pack and ship with insurance and tracking information or you are always welcome to come pick it up at my place in Nagoya, Japan. You can even spend a night jamming out on vintage gear and crash in the spare room.

**The shipping quote listed is for surface shipping. 8-12 weeks on average.** This will be coming by surface mail unless you request and pay for air shipping. I have sold and shipped many this way without incident.

Because of the odd shape UPS/Air is extremely expensive. It is around 120cm total which makes air shipping very high.  Contact me if not in the USA for exact prices.

I can’t ship to some countries due to covid. Thanks, Mark