PRS CE 24 Gray Black – MINT

$ 2100.00

Selling rarely used gorgeous PRS electric guitar. Total play time can’t be more than 6 hours since I purchased it. Possibly even less. It feels great in hand, sounds amazing. But whenever I want to play guitar, I grab my Strat. This beauty is collecting dust, which is why I’m selling it. Someone else will enjoy it more than me. You will receive it as if like you purchased it from Sweetwater. Double box, everything in the original box, papers etc. Only thing I changed was the Straplocks on it. Replaced with Dunlop Straplock system. I’m including the strap I was using with it. Never used the padded carrying bag. it’s same as I received it. Enjoy!

The last photo is from Sweetwater which they sent it after I purchased it.