Pickguard Upgrade for Stratocaster Gibson 490t+Dreamsongs Pickups

$ 395.90

Selling a professionally wired pickguard by Gar-lick GW for HSS Strats as below:

Bridge Gibson 490T Alnico II, 4 conductor, splittable
Middle and Neck Dreamsongs Pickups Contemporary Single Coil – boutique handmade in Italy pickups – Alnico III and V: The alnico 3 magnets under the high G, B and E strings provide a transparent, clear and dynamic tone, the alnico 5 magnets under the low E, A and D strings provide a defined and crisp sound in the low register. A special stagger assures a calibrated and even output in all positions.
Used Pickup

Volume pot CTS
Tone pot bridge CTS
Middle and Neck tone Push-Pull ALPHA
5 ways Switch Fender

Treble Bleed
Capacitors Orange Drop (.047 Middle e Neck, .022 bridge)
Resistor 470kohm to compensate the volume loss of the splitted HB

Great upgrade if you are looking a Fender modern sounding, with the versatility of the 490t on the bridge and modern-classic sounding Single Coil on the middle and neck position for a wide range of sound options and different kind of music

11 holes, three ply, mother-of-pearl Fleor pickguard, gor Fender USA/Mex, Squier Standard, Classic Vibe, Vintage Modified, Affinity, Bullet

Negotiable Price

Shipping available in Europe.

Ask for any question, info, pics and more.

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