PBC Special Paul Bunker Tele, Paul’s Tension Free Neck with Mural.

$ 1495.00

PBC Special Paul Bunker Tele, Paul’s Tension Free Neck with Mural.

If your a Cindy Crawford fan, Great, if not you can find a good paint person.

This is one of the finest guitars I have ever played. The neck on this is like not other and the guitar has sustain for days.

Bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan and neck pickup is a Kent Armstrong and has some very interesting tone, push pull extra tone mods and master volume.

Paul Bunk is one of the most interesting guitar builders I have ever followed. If you look up the history of Paul Bunker, PBC Guitars and the musicians he worked with and the company’s like Ibanez USA and even Leo Fender you will see why he was one of the best guitar builders for his time.

When I got this guitar the mural was driving me nuts and was going to have it painted but could not bring my self to to it. I get a hold of Paul back in 2018 via a email to him and sent him pictures and he told me he remembered the guitar very well, made it for a employee of his but could not remember the name of the employee or why he had a mural put on it? The date it was built and the employee’s name is on the back of the control cover. I tried to find and contact him but had zero luck.

People that have played these guitars and the Ibanez’s and other guitars he made know what this guitar is and how it plays. If you don’t, read up on them and you will understand.

I will ship this with a new heavy duty gig bag.

If anyone knows anything about the image on the guitar and why, plz let me know.