Parker Fly Classic 1998 Translucent Blue

$ 3804.99

Parker Fly 1998 Classic in translucent blue. It’s hard to get a good photo of the grain under the finish on this one but it’s there the blue sparkle back is really nice. The Classic has a warmer sound than the Deluxe due to the mahogany top.

The guitar plays beautifully and has the best neck of any guitar that I have ever played. The electronics and hardware are flawless but it has some wear and tear from being well played. There’s a couple of small dents and some chipped paint, some wear on the bridge and buckle rash on the back. It was in this condition when I bought is some years ago. I gigged with it a couple of times but otherwise it has been in its case at home in a totally smoke free environment. If someone had the skills to do a bit of a touch up and polish it would come up really nicely.

It’s such a great guitar and I would prefer to keep it but I have two other Flys as well so need to sell at least one of them.

Includes the wall hanger, user manual, hex tool for the pickup height adjustment and stereo cable as well.

I’m in Australia but can ship OS no problem.