Obstructures 0.750 Black anodized

$ 3475.16

This is a tool designed for one purpose, to scratch that neo brutalism itch. Both in looks and in tone.
It’s not easy to describe the sensation of playing this guitar, it’s unlike anything else. 

If you fight it it will fight back and if you play it gently it will answer with tons of vulnerability.

It’s rough, hard, heavy, sharp as a knife and at the same time has an array beautiful overtones that sound fantastic both distorted and clean.

The neck has a flat radius and is of medium thickness. 
Frets are in great shape and the guitar plays without issues.
Currently setup with a custom set of 11-62 strings, tuned a whole step down except for the thick E string that is tuned to low A. This is sort of a Mutoid Man / Neurosis inspired tuning. You could easily swap the 62 for a 60 or 58 and have it comfy for a whole / whole and a half step down. As most alu instruments they do come a bit more to life with thicker strings.

The pickups are two single coil high output P90 pickups, each with a separate volume control. 
Three way toggle switch and dual input jacks depending on how you want to play the guitar. If you change the nut you can just flip it over and play it the same, all controls are centered for that reason.

The weight falls just shy of 5,5kg and the balance is not best in class but with a good strap you will be fine. 

Case functions perfectly but has had a bit of a bang during shipping and you can see the dent in one of the pictures.

Check the linked YT video for a guitar from what I believe was the latest run of these (C).
These don’t come out very often and when they do it is in a limited number.