NOS Kramer pacer custom 1 1989 – Seafoam Green

$ 3000.00

1989 Kramer pacer custom 1 guitar. NOS . Seafoam green Kramer custom one guitar body it was never put together then they went out of business somebody bought it at the fire sale in 90. and had it for 28 years I bought it in 2017 and it took me 6 years to build it and find all the parts I built it like they ran out of Parts it has black and chrome parts all through it that was all they had at the shop when they were building it that’s my theme Seymour Duncan hot rails in the neck & middle pickups Seymour Duncan super distortion in the bridge all black. Gotoh 1996 tem. Installed Chrome Floyd Road Post all part switches on off chrome knob with black Perloid top shallar strap locks the new . And improve Schaller strap locks Dunlap 500k pot volume pot the electronics covers from the 80s that isn’t new it is yellowing on parts of the guitar body it’s hard to see it in the pictures the lacquer’s yellowing & a few little surface scratches couldn’t find the period correct pointy headstock neck they wanted $500 to build one so I bought this one for $130 bucks banana headstock sanded the back of the neck and put boiled linseed oil on it smooth like butter polish the frets it has Shark Fin inlays like the Jacksons did in the day and they have now I don’t know if any custom Kramers were ordered like that but this one’s custom built ebony fretboard I put a custom Kramer decal sticker on the headstock it’s not perfect but it looks good so if you wanted to take it off you could and put a better one on there and make it look better brand new fishbone blue simulated Tweed guitar case with burgundy interior these cases go for $150 to 180 bucks with shipping from Canada this guitar screams 80s the neck plate is a copy from China I had a few and that was the best one that fit the holes looks pretty good those were from the 90s when gives it took over Kramer wasn’t cheap to put this guitar together. Make me an offer thanks for looking at my gear