*Modified* Danelectro U-2 1956 – 1958 Aqua Burst

$ 790.00

When I initially purchased this guitar the pots and electronics were in need of replacement. Took the opportunity to streamline and replace the electronics (potentiometers, knobs, wiring, & switch) with a local shop.

The stock U-2 from has the stacked style knobs same as the ’59M model – containing a tone & volume available for each pickup. The modified setup of this guitar has just 2 basic knobs: Vintage Stratocaster Cream volume & tone, as well as copper shielding on the interior wiring. The strap holder is moved in a less awkward position above the neck, as well as a cream colored switch tip. 

I absolutely love the aesthetic of Danelectro, just can’t justify owning three anymore!. Comes with all original parts (potentiometers, knobs, & wiring). 

Guitar plays well with a medium-low action, has a slight volume difference between pickups. Please reach out with any questions. (Cool-Cat Chorus not for sale)