McKay ES-355 Virgil Arlo PAF’s

$ 6200.00

Here’s an incredible guitar I am unfortunately having to pass along. It is a 2021 McKay ES-355 with the famed Virgil Arlo PAF’s.
Specs are in the pictures, but it is basically a recreation of Keith Richard’s 1959 Gibson ES-355. Sounds and is aged like a real ‘59 would be.
The pickups themselves are selling for over $2k on Reverb.
Masterbuilt in Detroit, Michigan. Check him out if you are not familiar with his work.
Neck is super comfortable, maybe a tad thicker than the Gibson 60’s profile if you are familiar.
Weight is just over 8 lbs

Should be listed as mint, but due to the aged finish I will list as excellent. There are no repairs, and there have been no scratches or dings added after it left the shop.

Message me for any additional info.