Kawai SD3W 1964 – Natural

$ 539.44

Vintage Japanese goodie
Dang this thing is cool. Made in Japan by a Piano company called Kawai, they released a series of ‘SD’ guitars with a few varieties in regards to the pick ups. This model – SD3W, is named so for its 3 pick ups..and they’re little rippers too! These guitars entered the market around 1963 and had quite a short run, being discontinued in 1966. These guitars were very popular with many Chicago Bluesmen, including Hound Dog Taylor. In their day they were inexpensive guitars, built very very sturdily! The neck huge and is both glued and bolted on.. Seems to be made of Mahogany. The pick ups are great, the DC resistance measures very low, in the 2k range, but the pickups sound really crisp and clear—and even aggressive at times, thanks to the series wiring that allows their combined power to shine. It’s like an early form of overdrive, and if you’ve ever heard Hound Dog wail on slide, then you know this sound.