JAMES TYLER [USED] Studio Elite Quilted Maple Bent Top Jimburst SN. 12066

$ 6963.98

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Please be noted this one is USED not new.
There is not any issue on the function and the playing condition but blemishes on the cosmetic.
Please send message for more detail information of the condition.


We have a used 2012 Studio Elite in stock! The combination of the finest quilted maple top and Jimburst, one of James Tyler’s signature finishes, will knock you out with its striking impact, and you’ll be fighting for it! Don’t miss this chance!

In terms of condition, the damage to the guitar itself is not that great, and the body has linear scratches on the elbow contour as if it was rubbed with a sharp object, small dents on the back of the body, and other scuff marks. The neck has a small dent on the corner of the back side of the head tip as if it was hit, but the parts that come into contact when playing are clean. The frets have some dents in the low positions, and although there are some differences depending on the position, they are gradually worn down overall, and there is no clogging of the sound in any particular place at this stage. We recommend that those who need a strict setting have the frets filed down, but we have determined that the current condition is sufficient for normal use.
There are no problems with the electronics such as crackling or sound cutting, but the bobbins of the JTO pickups have discolored and deteriorated due to use, and there is rust on the pole pieces. The pickguards on both sides of the PU selector lever SW have also discolored yellow, probably due to metal rust transfer.
The Hipshot pegs seem to have a slightly loose lock on the 1st string, making it a little slippery, so even though it is a locking type, it may be a good idea to wind it around once before using it. The back panel has additional holes to make it easier to adjust the screws for practical purposes. A black ST type knob for the volume and a lever SW knob are included, so it would be interesting to change the impression by replacing them.

The body back is made of alder, and the ribbed body structure and maple fingerboard have a bright and light sound, but it is also thick and sticky. In addition, the wide cavity space on the body unique to the pickguard mount and the ribbed body structure create an ambient guitar sound unique to James Tyler, which not only brings a fuller sound to the sound created through the equipment, but also creates a rich vibration that players can intuitively feel the joy of playing.

The neck shape is THIN ’59 Select, which provides a moderate grip and improves playability. The selected elements, such as the side scallop processing that shallowly carves the sides of the fingerboard between each fret, which is unique to Tyler, the jumbo type frets and the 9.5-12R compound radius, are beautifully combined to create an overwhelmingly comfortable neck grip feel.

The control with JTO pickup is an assembly package specification commonly called full specification, and it is equipped with a mid boost & bypass button via the built-in preamp, a mini switch to switch between series / parallel / split (tap) of each PU, and a direct switch to sound the rear PU in series through the PU 5-way selector, allowing for a very wide range of sound making. The mid boost bypass button is a field first specification that can easily handle sudden battery death by switching between passive / active and outputting with a passive circuit.

In recent years, the combination of quilt top & Jimburst, whether new or used, sells out immediately every time, so even if it arrives, it is difficult to post a shopping page. Please take this opportunity to get your long-awaited one in your hands.

Serial No. 12066
Officially imported product
Original hard case, spec sheet, arm, wrenches, Vol knob (BLK, ST type), lever switch knob (BLK) included

Neck Shape: THIN 59 1st: .825inch/21mm – 12th: .950inch/24.1mm
Fret Size: .110inch x .055inch / 2.8mm x 1.4mm
Fingerboard Radius: 9.5 – 12inch / 24.1cm-30.5cm
Pickguard: WHITE PEARL
Bridge: G2RV