Ibanez [USED] Prestige AZ2402-PWF [SPOT MODEL] [SN.FD2456014]

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Please be noted this one is USED not new.
There is not any issue on the function and the playing condition but blemishes on the cosmetic.
Please send message for more detail information of the condition.


The standard model for new generation guitarists, AZ! Good condition used products made in 2024 are now in stock!

S-TECH WOOD roasted maple 1pc neck & fretboard
The fingerboard and neck are made of Estech treated maple wood. ESTEC treatment is a nitrogen heat treatment technology developed in Sendai for wood, and is the first in the world to use it as a guitar material. ESTEC Wood wood has characteristics such as shape stability, durability against warping, water resistance, and resistance to temperature changes, and due to these characteristics, it has acquired patented technology in Japan. After numerous trials and verifications, we concluded that the best neck thickness is 20.5*22.5 (at 1F*12F). In addition, the finish uses an oil finish with a texture similar to the neck of a plucked guitar.

AZ Modern Oval C Neck Grip
This is an original neck shape created by measuring and analyzing dozens of different guitar neck grips, both made by our company and other companies.
This is a comfort grip that is shaped so that it falls gently from the adhesive surface of the fingerboard and neck to the fingerboard edge, and the fingerboard edge is rounded. The shape is accurately and reliably reproduced by ball milling.
The neck width is set to 42mm at the nut, and 56.4mm and 57mm at the final fret of the 22F and 24F models respectively, making it easy to grip at the low frets, and placing your thumb on the back of the neck at the high frets. The shape has been designed with special consideration given to playability in a classical style.

Body Design
An original body shape aiming for a contemporary design.
The thin body contour and large elbow contour, reminiscent of Ibanez’s representative model S, create a sense of unity between the player and the guitar, and greatly contribute to improved playability.
The deep constriction of the body makes it easy to handle when held or on stage, and provides high playability.
The front surface of the body has a radius of R3mm and the back side has a radius of R8mm, making it an ergonomic design that allows you to feel the fit the moment you hold the guitar, regardless of whether you are sitting or standing.

Seymour Duncan Hyperion Pickups
Obtained more than a dozen types of pickups and measured the frequency characteristics of all of them. From that, we determined the specifications and sound image of the pickup that is considered optimal for AZ, and created it in collaboration with Seymour Duncan, a company synonymous with pickup brands that has a long history and is still working on new initiatives. This is an AZ exclusive pickup. This is a custom pickup that keeps the original sound clean even when distorted, by suppressing the output a little, and focusing on picking followability and reproducibility.
From the treble to the bass, or the way the 1st to 6th strings sound, we focused on the total balance and pursued a good effect ride. All magnets use Alnico-5.

dyna-MIX w/Alter switch
You can freely switch between humbucker and single coil modes with a single switch of the mini switch, ensuring a large number of sound variations. . (HH model has 10 types, SSH model has 9 types)
This is a switching system for modern guitar players who have to play multiple roles with limited equipment.

Alter switch
HH model…Switches to Power Tap mode, which provides realistic single coil sound. One coil is tapped, and the other coil has special wiring that takes advantage of the low range.It features a clear high range and a thick, well-defined sound that cannot be obtained by just tapping.

SSH model…Neck and center single coils are wired in series to simulate a 22F neck humbucker sound.
Ibanez T1802 Tremolo Bridge (made by GOTOH)
The GOTOH 510 bridge, which has been praised by many players and guitar brands as the definitive tremolo bridge, has been reborn in collaboration between Ibanez and GOTOH. It’s a bridge.

It uses a hard machined titanium saddle and machined steel inertia block to achieve both a good start-up and a solid and fat sound, and also features a long high range. Masu.
The string pitch is 10.5…