Ibanez Roadcore RC330T Electric Guitar Strat Style Offset Like Fender Jazzmaster Or Jaguar Basswood Body Maple Neck Gloss Finish 2013 San Diego pick up

$ 420.00

An ibanez Roadcore strat offset style guitar, In excellent condition or close to perfect.

Basswood body that has some weight to it.

Maple glossy neck. Very comfortable and easy to play, straight neck, low action. Very low hours of use. Setup done recently.

Ibanez own Core tone S pick ups with hum cancellation coils inside, ( i saw that cancellation system when i changed the pick up covers to black, it looks like metal plates added to the bottom of the pickup all grounded very elaborate design).

Very much like a stratocaster sound but has more warmth to it.

Pick up in little italy.