Ibanez JEM7VP Steve Vai Premium Signature

$ 1826.46

Ibanez Jem7VP Premium model for sale.

Bought brand new a year ago, in perfect condition with a few extras (Vai style pick holder on headstock and velcro on the spring cavity for easy access)
Has the Vai bells and whistles, wizard neck, DiMarzio Evolution pickups, Edge trem bridge with lions claw cavity and of course the tree of life inlays and monkey grip handle. Strung with Ernie Ball Paradigm 9-42 strings.

Amazing guitar in amazing condition, my tastes are more with Gibson and I have plenty of those so NO TRADES thank you.

Comes with DiMarzio strap and soft case as these models do.

Going in store and online for $3,000

Selling mine for $2500, so save $500

Pickup from Frankston