Ibanez JEM7 BSB – Burnt Stained Blue

$ 2172.44


Soft case



Steve Vai’s signature JEM. Among them, the rare JEM7 BSB has arrived. The exterior specifications are distinctive, with a matte finish that is different from the regular series. Since it was made in 2006, there is some paint peeling and scratches on the exterior, but it matches the finish and gives it a nice feel. It is in good playing condition and can be used for a long time.


BODY: Basswood

NECK: Maple



Neck: Straight

Truss rod: Room to spare

Frets remaining: 70%

String height: 6th string side 1.75mm 1st string side 1.75mm (above 12F)

Weight: 3.270 kg

Electrical system: No problems

Condition: There are many scratches and dirt, but it is in good playing condition


6 months

※Valid only in Japan