Ibanez 2459 Destroyer 1976 – Natural

$ 11000.00

2nd owner amazing 1976 Ibanez 2459 Explorer.

I purchased this guitar while I was on the road with The Black Eyed Peas from the original owner in Minot, North Dakota. He purchased it from Marguerites Music Store in 1976. For some reason the music store glued a small black & gold plate of the store’s name on the back of the neck. I left it there because it was like that since 1976. The Gibson case was what the music store gave the original owner when he bought it. There is only one little small ding on the back of the body other than that this guitar is in perfect condition. It is the best sounding version of this guitar I have ever heard. It truly is a piece of history and a one of a kind sounding instrument. And plays incredibly well.

All the parts and pick ups are original from the factory in 1976. This is how this guitar was intended to be from Ibanez in 1976.

I realize this is a hefty price tag for this instrument but I did my research on what these have “SOLD” for in this condition. If this is the guitar you are looking for, you will not be disappointed with what you paid for it. It is 100% worth the price.

I have put this guitar on countless hit records that have sold millions of copies and it pains me to sell it but I hope it goes to a loving home.