Harmony Meteor Sunburst 1959

$ 850.00

Untouched 99% perfect Harmony Meteor guitar. Great for Chuck Berry, Chet Atkins, Link Wray type rocking and country swinging.

Super awesome attributes include gorgeous OG tobacco sunburst, top back and fingerboard binding in excellent original condition. Jumbo Bakelite knobs in groovy brown in perfect condition. Smoking Dearmond argyle foil style pickups with plenty of heat and killer tones in all three positions. Perfect pick guard with original hardware, gleaming original chrome tailpiece without any pitting. Original switch with what I believe is a very desirable switch tip that was used on other very valuable instruments from the same era. Original vintage profile frets in great shape with minor divots in 1st position. Original tuners work well and have never been off instrument. Original electronics all function well…All in all we have a gorgeous vintage tone combined with an untouched all original instrument that generates serious classic 50s sounds.

What does it need? Well two biggest things are it’s missing it’s original “Harmony Meteor” badge, which is a subtle bummer, and since it’s a 60 year old guitar that’s basically been stowed away since Christmas 1959 or so, it needs a trip to the shop for electronic clean out and a setup. Biggest issue there is a slight buzz on the G string open position, a mild pop when you engage the selector switch (zero intermittency), some static at the extremes of the knobs. That’s it.

No structural issues whatsoever. And it is shiny and bright and just plain gorgeous. There is virtually no cracking in the original nitro clear coat, and it has so many little touches that delight. This was the top of the Harmony line the year it was released and it shows. From the flamed out maple on the back, the Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, bridge, and pickup risers(!)….to the block MOTS inlays, to the 3 ply pick guard, it’s just sexy and classic and cool as can be.

Comes with original case with a neutral aroma, red plushy interior and working latches and handle.

Please feel free to ask questions. This is a vintage instrument, so please expect something that will take some fine tuning upon arrival to get to your specific setup and preference.

Thanks for looking!!