Gibson [USED] Murphy Lab 1957 Les Paul Gold Top Reissue Double Gold Ultra Heavy Aged SN. 7 3131

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Please be noted this one is USED not new.
There is not any issue on the function and the playing condition but blemishes on the cosmetic.
Please send message for more detail information of the condition.


This is a consignment used 1957 Les Paul Gauld Top Ultra Light Aged, which is in limited supply even when new.
The bold Ultra Heavy Aged gives it a great atmosphere! This is a unit that we sold in our shop in the past, but there is no noticeable damage from subsequent use, and the frets are in excellent condition with almost no wear. Please consider this opportunity!

~ Murphy Lab ~

Murphy Lab, which was born within the custom shop, is a newly established lab within the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville, and specializes in aging guitars (processing to reproduce the appearance and feel of vintage guitars that have changed over time) using the latest technology based on scientific verification.

Tom Murphy, who was a member of the Gibson Custom Shop when it was first established and worked hard as a project leader in the development of the Historic Collection, has since been active in the technique of aging to bring the look and feel of vintage guitars to new guitars. Tom’s passion for vintage guitars and deep knowledge of them allow him to perfectly reproduce the natural lacquer cracks and wear caused by playing on Gibson guitars.

Tom Murphy and Gibson scientifically analyzed the nitrocellulose lacquer of the 1950s and 1960s, which causes cracks called weather checking over time, unraveled the process of its change, and tested it on prototypes of various models to develop a lacquer process that reproduces the natural weather checking of vintage guitars.

The idea of ​​Murphy Lab was born when Tom Murphy led the Gibson Custom Shop team and began to test various body shapes, finishes, and aging levels based on prototypes. As a result, it was established within the Gibson Custom Shop to perform aging with unprecedented realism and attention to detail.

Tom Murphy’s presence and his artistic works have played an important role in Gibson’s history, and will continue to be passed down forever as Murphy Lab.

This is a 1957 Les Paul Gold Top Reissue with ‘Ultra Heavy Aged’, the heaviest aging level of the four levels. The Les Paul model, which was born in 1952, has a history of specifications such as looks, sound, and playing feel that have changed along with the history of Gibson, but this is a 57 Les Paul Goldtop with a humbucker pickup, which is the final form of the 50’s gold top. The bridge is equipped with a Tune-0-matic & stop tailpiece that was used until the later Burst period, and the fret wire is a slightly smaller size Historic Gibson Narrow/Tall.

The Ultra Heavy Aged is an aging model that allows you to enjoy the skilled craftsmanship of the skilled Murphy Lab craftsmen, giving you the feeling of holding the original in your hands. It expresses the realistic paint color and weather check that looks like it has been played repeatedly even after scratches. The fingerboard edge is rolled, and the excellent grip is a finish that players will be happy to receive.

The basic specifications are the latest Historic Spec. It is still equipped with unpotted Custombucker Alnico III pickups, updated assemblies, and True Historic parts. The sharp response that follows the picking sharply will magically make the player addicted to Les Paul tone from the moment you plug the guitar into the amp!
Not only does it have a good sound when the tone is turned down, but the controllable assembly that keeps the brightness moderately even when the volume is turned down will show great compatibility with modern usage! !

Please enjoy the wonderful tone unique to Gibson Custom Shop, which continues to evolve by returning to the origin, and the powerful aging produced by Murphy Lab!

Serial No. 7 3131
Comes with a special aged brown case and Murphy Lab certificate

Body Wood: 2-Piece Plain Maple Top & 1-Piece Lightweight Mahogany
Neck: So…