Gibson SG Gothic Black Electric Guitar 2000 Pre-Owned

$ 1250.12

Pre-Owned gothic Gibson SG Gothic in near mint condition. Almost a real time warp guitar! Has a lacquer burn on the back of the neck, likely from a reaction with a rubber guitar stand. Aside from this – the entire guitar appears in near brand-new condition – very rare for a satin black guitar of 20 years old. Very cool, limited run 2000’s era Gibson that don’t pop up for sale very often, and this is a great one. Includes original soft case.

We are happy to repair the lacquer burn prior to purchase, at customers request.

Matte black finish, coupled with the ebony board and black hardware. 2000-era Gibsons avoided some controversial later changes in the years following, so you get some nice specs: ebony board, 490R/T pickups, deluxe Grover tuners… all sensible and hardy additions that have aged perfectly.