Gibson Nighthawk Studio 2011 Pelham Blue / Great Shape / Free Shipping

$ 1599.00

This is a beautiful 2011 Gibson Nighthawk with an absolutely stunning blue finish. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Nighthawk, you’ve been missing out. This is a rare Gibson that uses a Fender scale length and a Fender style bridge. You can see that it is shaped like a Les Paul, and it sounds every bit a Gibson with the Trembuckers engaged. Pop the coil split switch, and you instantly get authentic Fender sounds.

As you can see by the side view photos, this is a very thin guitar with body contours on the back. This is probably one of the coolest features because the guitar is very light, especially compared to a Les Paul. For somebody who performs long sets or who has to endure long, drawn-out rehearsals, this guitar is a perfect alternative to a Les Paul or other heavy Gibsons. The ability to switch between authentic Gibson and Fender tones also makes this a perfect guitar for somebody performing and a cover band.

The guitar is in perfect working order and as you can see by the photos, the paint is in nearly pristine cosmetic condition. There is some discoloration caused by the case on the bottom side of the binding and neck around the 10th fret, as shown on photos #7 and #10. Wear from the strap locks can be seen in photo #11. Neither of these imperfections can be seen while playing the guitar, neither by the musician nor the audience. As you can tell from the rest of the photos, the sexy Pelham Blue finish is in excellent condition.

The classy white binding around the body and neck combined with the legendary Gibson crown on the headstock round out this stunning beauty of a guitar. Unique, versatile, and beautiful. What more can you ask for?

Since it’s a neck through guitar, it will ship in a generic case free of charge. Did I mention free shipping in the US also? Stand out at your next gig, rehearsal or recording session and unlock the depths of your unique sound.