Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2019 Cherry Red Transparent

$ 2203.19

One piece mahogany body with a flume top. Beautiful, wide flume, with perpendicular maple rings visible at a certain angle

The fingerboard is super flat, the anchor works. Strings are low, you can put the strings super low, like on a shred guitar like an Ibanez.
Fingers without the wear and tear.

Just a guitar has a comfortable weight of 3.9 kg
Usually it’s more than 4 kg.

I want to say especially, that this guitar is free from any cosmetic defects, typical for a Gibson from the factory.
Threshold is glued in perfectly.
Rim doesn’t stick out from the bottom of the neck.
Trim goes on Ladas without gaps, tucks can be continued even along the trim.
No questions about the paint.
The logo does not crack.
Probably the most perfect Gibson I have ever seen.

Guitar in full factory set: case, multitool, strap, papers, instruction