Gibson Les Paul Studio Robot Limited Edition with Ebony Fretboard 2008 – Metallic Red

$ 2306.43

Selling a 2008 Metallic Red Gibson Les Paul Studio Robot in excellent condition.

This was the first year of the commercial run Robot with the ebony fretboard and bound neck. It’s like having a Standard neck on a Studio body.

I used this for less than 12 months and it has been stored in its case ever since, hence the excellent condition. There are two marks on the back of the headstock from a stand, a small mark on the back of the headstock and a mark on the underside edge of the body, all pictured.

It is completely stock and includes the Tronical charger and Canadian made hardshell case. The battery pack needs to be replaced to use the robot tuners (available online or you can make your own) but it plays just as well without using the robot tuners (just pull out the tuning pegs to tune and push back in to lock).

Ideal guitar if you are looking for a stock Robot in excellent condition with an ebony fretboard or anyone considering purchasing a Gibson Standard but the price gives you heart palpitations. Keep it stock and enjoy or remove the Robot tuners and wiring and build your ideal Les Paul. Either way you have a quality Gibson guitar with an Ebony fretboard that sounds great and plays well.