Gibson Les Paul Custom 1995 First Owner!

$ 4296.73

After 27 years, I’m selling my first really cool electric guitar:

1995 Gibson Les Paul Custom in wine red including original case, bought new in 1997 from Musik Kolbeck in Landshut.

Very well-maintained condition, with a few signs of play, but flawless function and THE sound I was looking for.

Several small blemishes, a slightly larger one on the top below the bridge, several small ones on the neck.

In the shop, it was hanging on an unsuitable wall bracket, the slightly damaged varnish was then simply sanded down slightly… not noticeable when playing, but visually unsightly. Definitely no breakage, no limiting damage.

Matured with dignity, the bindings are slightly yellowed, the gold hardware tarnished in the typical places. The frets have minimal signs of play, not noticeable when playing, perfect intonation.

I would consider the neck profile to be medium-slim, but measurements on request led to different remote diagnoses… 😉

Completely original, great setup with 11 strings.

Approx. 4.7 kg, nice medium weight for a Les Paul Custom.

The original case is slightly worn, the handle is already a bit torn, I later had it in a sturdy flight case.

Current new price 4800, currently no longer available in wine red.

Only pick up after viewing/playing in Munich, Grasmückenweg.

I am happy to answer any questions from serious interested parties, fortune hunters won’t get a chance. I thought long and hard about whether to give it away, but I simply don’t play it enough these days and will only give it to good hands.